Africans Building Africa Initiative (ABA Initiative)

The Problem

The ABA initiative was birthed out of the burden to create value-centered schools in Africa. It is no news that the level of moral decay and decadence in Africa is on a steep rise and the fact that this is predominant amongst teenagers and youths makes it even more alarming.


In addition to these, it is quite unfortunate that the leadership within many African countries has not demonstrated ideal leadership values worthy of emulation. Children are greatly influenced by their environment and are susceptible to becoming acclimatized to what they see- which will be disastrous to Africa’s future.

Our Goal

To engrain the seeds of value-centered living in every youth across the continent.

How it works

Our solution is to empower Africa’s most underutilized resource- its youthful population.

Step 1

We have a trained volunteer-based team of professionals, graduates and university students who dedicate their time to imparting 21st-century relevant skills and knowledge to teenagers, especially to schools in low-income communities.

Step 2

We train and partner with youth-led organizations on the continent which have previous records of successful engagement with students in secondary schools by providing access to a percentage of their operational capital for school empowerment projects.

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