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The hopes of a nation rest primarily on its budding young tribe, which is why over 70% of the work we do at Maximum Living Inc. is dedicated to serving this demography.

As nation builders, we recognize the inestimable value, which our education system plays in churning out the caliber of people in society.


By the year 2050, the world will have approximately 10 billion people and a fifth of them will be on the continent of Africa.


The socio-economic climate of Africa today doesn’t project an Africa we’ve dreamt about but there is a beam of hope. We strongly believe that if the education system in Africa places value over financial gain, our young saplings will grow up with a mind that thinks transformation and humanity over corruption.


Together with our partner, which possesses over 300 years of experience within the education sector, Maximum Living Inc. provides consultancy services for educational institutions.

Areas of consultancy include:

General School Training for Students

If there’s any lesson we have learned today, it is that the ‘popular’ professions of yesterday are quickly becoming obsolete and new markets and opportunities are emerging.

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Max Living Inc is a life Development Company that carters to the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual transformation of individuals and businesses for optimum performance.

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© 2023 Maximum Living Incorporated. All Rights Reserved – Designed By CMS

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