Executive Leadership Coaching

No one taught you how to be a leader.

However, here you are; expected to define a course of action for your organization, create a balance to your growing demands, attain consistent results, motivate and—in the midst of all of this—find time to invest in your growth.


How can you become the leader everyone expects you to be when all you feel is overwhelmed?

Can all of these truly be attained?

The answer is an affirmative! — With a little help.


The Maximum Living Executive Leadership Coaching (ELC) is designed to enable the leader to attain greater focus.


Being an overwhelmed leader is costing you more than you can afford to pay. It’s high time you evolve into the efficient.


This coaching session is designed to equip you to become the ultimate leader.


In this program, we will delve into these 6-core areas of your leadership.

Who is Executive Leadership Coaching meant for?

Strategic coaching session
No. of SessionsPrice (₦)Price ($)Book
1 session₦120,000.00$200.00BOOK NOW
One (1) week Intensive Coaching
No. of SessionsPrice (₦)Price ($)Book
3 sessions₦240,000.00$400.00BOOK NOW
One (1) month Executive Leadership Coaching Program
No. of SessionsPrice (₦)Price ($)Book
8 sessions₦600,000.00$1,000.00BOOK NOW
Three (3) Months Coaching Program
No. of SessionsPrice (₦)Price ($)Book
24 sessions₦1,650,000.00$2750.00BOOK NOW

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