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The bragging rights of any school are the caliber of students it produces. It can be a fluke if one or two students who excel are used as the ‘face’ of the institution. However, it becomes a pattern when this feat becomes a reoccurring experience in a school. Naturally, such a school becomes the go-to authority in the city. In order for African Nations to take advantage of the coming wave, their youths and workforce must be equipped with time-tested leadership skills that will enable us to reduce the importation of foreign expatriates and maximize the abundant human resource at our disposal.


Statistics show that it may take many developing countries at least fifty years to catch up with the western world. To buttress further, the time frame of fifty years is highly optimistic.

I believe Africa in the next few years will be the most sought after continent. Already major companies and organizations that have been able to predict the direction of this wind of change are strategically positioning themselves across the continent. In today’s economy, the Internet has made it possible for teenagers to become millionaires in United States Dollars through very legal mediums. The government can’t do it all hence there is a need for an entrepreneurial generation that will help sustain the developing world. Entrepreneurship was the medium through which many countries gained their status. Through this series of courses, we train young minds on the endless possibilities through entrepreneurship, in ways that will not affect academics.


Ever wonder why many kids who start excelling from nursery school continue in the same feat all the way to university? It’s not just because they are more brilliant (some students are), it’s because of certain practices around their environment that have shaped them throughout life. More than 90% of our success comes from our micro- environment. Through the art of study, we teach the different study types as it pertains to the individuals, it enables students to understand their brains and gives an easy/practical system that works in order to help every student have a fair chance are perform at their peak.


A crucial time in the development of a human is the period between 9-21 years. During this time, the individual evolves in diverse ways and it’s necessary that this metamorphosis is steered aright. During this period, parents aren’t necessarily their best friends and it’s expedient that young people like themselves influence them positively. This is where we come in. In his final year of secondary school, Dr. Oreofe occupied three leadership positions including being the head boy, and has since gone on to do great things. It aches him to see youths waste their creative years and through this training, he lays down bite-able chunks of knowledge that helped him then and now.


Global health statistics show that by 2030 the leading cause of non-communicable diseases will be mental health diseases. This has been further aggravated by the influence of narcotics. Puberty, being the most physically transforming stage for an individual makes it the prime for a direct influence of substances driven by rising hormonal functions. It is paramount that any parent or institution which aims to raise students worthy of emulation must expose them to information related to substance abuse and mental health.

As it is unwise to assume that you poses all the knowledge needed to raise our future leaders


Today, many young people lament in careers they are not wired for two main reasons.
    • The individual was forced to study a course he/she had no proclivity for, but went ahead simply because a patent/guardian asked them to.
  • They made un-informed decisions and left their futures to fate by joining the bandwagon of ‘popular’ professions.
If there’s any lesson we have learned today, it is that the ‘popular’ professions of yesterday are quickly becoming obsolete and new markets and opportunities are emerging. This calls for an overhaul of our curriculums and re-education of our young minds. To enable them to make well-informed decisions.

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