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In a world where entrepreneurship has become a buzzword; it seems like everyone has been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and will do anything to take a shot at becoming the next Bill Gates. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened for over 95% of people who caught the entrepreneurship fever.

The question is why?

Over the past decade, I’ve picked up some valuable lessons as I navigated through the entrepreneurship world.


The most important with regards to startups/SMEs is that if anyone truly wants to help a startup, you have to help the founders build their businesses not build it for them. Unfortunately, many founders open the door for the opposite to occur by bringing in consultants rather than coaches.


They do this because of the misconception that startups are small versions of large companies, which is very far away from the truth. Those who dive into the world of business with this misconception set their businesses up to fail before their official launch.

Consulting typically involves a consultant handing over a new idea and for the startup to imbibe. The reality however is that those startups don’t really need new ideas, they already have more than they can do with. If consulting is bringing about skills to a startup then coaching is about nurturing the skills within it. A great coach doesn’t come with the right answers but the right questions.


The Startup/SME coaching is designed for founders who desire to cut through the layers of information out there to discover the most trusted methods for solving business problems.


In this coaching program we navigate through the murky waters of business development to discover the ideal model suitable for your business venture through these core areas;

Whom is the SME Coaching for?

Strategic coaching session
No. of SessionsPrice (₦)Price ($)Book
1 session₦60,000.00$100.00BOOK NOW
One (1) week Intensive Coaching
No. of SessionsPrice (₦)Price ($)Book
3 sessions₦150,000.00$250.00BOOK NOW
One (1) month Coaching Program
No. of SessionsPrice (₦)Price ($)Book
8 sessions₦549,450.00$999.00BOOK NOW
Three (3) Months Coaching Program
No. of SessionsPrice (₦)Price ($)Book
24 sessions₦1,374,450.00$2499.00BOOK NOW

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