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It’s very obvious that our world is changing at the speed of thought and these changes have not exempted the workplace. More than ever before there is a growing need for employees that possess the mindset of leaders.
These employees are unicorns and game-changers of their industries. These are employees that understand the depth of the corporate vision, have the wit and grit that the business environment needs, are relentless in solving problems and ultimately are paramount to the overall growth and development of the entire organization.

Whether it is a one-hour lecture, a six-hour intensive training or a five-day course, our mission is to leave footprints in the minds of employees. We use science-backed research to drive home thought-shaping ideas with workable step-by-step principles to bring the desired change of converting your team into unicorn lead employees.


Time is the unit our lives are measured by. It is the definer of our existences here on earth; hence we are given birth dates and measure our lives with respect to time. Although time is constant and we coordinate the affairs of our lives in time, there is no such thing as time management, only life management. Research claims that approximately 500 billion United States Dollars is lost every year due to unproductivity during work hours. In a country like mine where people earn salaries and aren’t paid per hour the propensity for much higher loss is eminent. Using proprietary analogies and scientific findings, we unravel the principles of life management in time from a mindset perspective.


We’ve counseled countless employers who are frustrated when their employees don’t meet up with the demands of their customers. Many directors and CEOs say that a terrible employee is their worst nightmare.

Informing an employee on what to do doesn’t always translate to what is being done. This is because they haven’t been trained! It took years for that employee to develop the kind of mindset and paradigm that he or she currently operates with. For that to change, it will also require some unlearning and relearning. Unfortunately, our educational system and culture enforces the need for respect but does not teach change. When people know their whys, the desired result becomes automatic. Through this intensive series of training, we communicate how and why the leading industries of today devote their resources to ensuring customer experience over customer service.


Our ever-changing world calls for desperate measures in order to keep up with its pace. Via the channel of change management training, we tailor specific workshops to individuals, teams, and organizations using diverse approaches to re-channel the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, and operational mode to restructure the company, team, or organization. In the midst of changes, employees often find it difficult to adjust and this can be detrimental to businesses. This program uses an 8-step cascade of leading change to annihilate this effect. Inoculated into this training is a module on innovation because this is the driving force that commands the need for change management.

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